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29 Aug 2013

02 Jul 2014

We have been working on extending our Unisex Nappy Cake Gifts range, with the new addition of a Unisex Crib Nappy Cake & Unisex Large Crib Nappy Cake.
Whilst we are in the process of getting another photoshoot arranged for to get photos of all our new fantatsic Nappy Cakes for our website, please do not hesitate to get in touch via e-mail if you would like to find out more about these new Unisex Nappy Cakes.

Unisex Crib Nappy Cake (£18.49)
14 x size 2 Pampers Nappies
2 x muslin cloths
2 x bibs

Large Unisex Crib Nappy Cake (£29.99)
40 x Size 2 Pampers nappies
2 x muslin cloths
1 x bodysuit (0-3 months)
1 x bib
1 x fleece blanket

Maternity & Paternity Staff Gift Ideas.........
01 Jul 2014

Bumble Babee specialise in a range of Handmade Baby Gifts that are perfect for Colleague/Staff Maternity & Paternity Gifts.  

With a wide range of budgets, designs, sizes and colours, you are sure to find the perfect gift to help celebrate the precious new arrival.

Our gifts make fantastic presents for the parents as they are not only beautiful to receive, but everything inside is useful for when baby arrives!

FREE UK DELIVERY on all gifts!
25 Jun 2014

Bumble Babee offers FREE UK DELIVERY on all gifts!  For the nappy cakes this is a standard 3-5 working days courier delivery service, following dispatch.  Dispatch is usually within 2 working days.  Our smaller gifts are delivered via Royal Mail 2nd class post, a standard 2-3 working day delivery service, following dispatch.

So why not place an order with Bumble Babee today? The price you see is the only price you will pay! (For UK residents only).  With a wide range of beautiful handmade baby gifts including nappy cakes, baby cupcakes, baby sundaes, baby pops and baby candy, you are sure to find your perfect Baby Shower Gift, New Baby Gift or Maternity/Paternity Gift!

OWL NAPPY CAKES - A special and unique baby gift!
25 Jun 2014

The Owl Nappy Cakes are one of our best-sellers, being so unusual and cute!  This is a beautiful gift that any new Mum is sure to be delighted to receive.

This is a large Nappy Cake packed full of Pampers Size 3 nappies.  The rolled nappies are decorated with essential, useful baby items including a pair of scratch mitts, a pair of socks (0-6 months), a pop-over bib and a fleece blanket.  

The Owl Nappy Cakes come in a range of colour options and make a wonderfully stunning yet practical gift!

24 Jun 2014

We are soon to have some fabulous new additions to our gorgeous Bumble Babee Nappy Cake ranges.  One of our favourites is our Guitar Nappy Cake.  

The Guitar Nappy Cake Ingredients will be:
- lots of Pampers Size 3 nappies (specific number yet to be determined!!!!!)
- 1 x fleece blanket
- 1 x baby grow (3-6 months)
- 1 x muslin cloth

This is the perfect gift for any budding rockstar baby or music-loving parent!  An unusual and eye-catching Baby Gift that will be admired by all!
Photos and pricing to follow soon........ 

Why did we choose to use Pampers Baby-Dry Nappies in our Nappy Cakes?
23 Jun 2014

Being Mums ourselves we are happy to use brands we have tried and tested on our own children.  Pampers are a well-known brand that is trusted by parents as being of high-quality, which we hope makes you feel confident that you are purchasing a high quality baby gift from Bumble Babee, containing high-quality items. 

Pampers Baby-Dry nappies claim to provide up to 12 hours of overnight dryness with an improved Extra Sleep Layer that keeps wetness away from baby’s skin.  With flexible tabs which expand and contract with your baby, the nappy is ensured to be a snug and comfortable fit for baby. 

For more info on Pampers, please visit their website:


Why did we choose to use Johnson’s Baby Products in our Nappy Cakes?
10 Feb 2014


Johnson’s is a well-known and clinically proven mild range of skincare products especially for babies that, has been trusted by mums for over 100 years.    Johnson’s assures mums that each and every product they make undergoes rigorous testing for gentleness.  With the ‘NO MORE TEARS’ and ‘CLINICALLY PROVEN MILDNESS’ certifications,  Johnson’ s has become a brand trusted and used by parents allowing both parent and baby to enjoy bath-time, while mum or dad can also relax in knowing that the product is pure, mild and gentle on their baby’s delicate skin, and won’t sting their baby’s eyes. 
For more info on research and testing behind Johnson’s Baby products please visit their website:

The baby clothing items we use in our gifts are 100% cotton. What are the benefits of 100% cotton baby items?
10 Dec 2013

Cotton is a natural 100% organic fabric.  Being a natural fabric, cotton is non-allergenic, making it the perfect choice for babies with sensitive skin.  Cotton is a soft fabric and therefore does not rub against or irritate a newborn baby’s soft delicate skin in the way that other fabrics can.  Furthermore, cotton baby clothing easily stretches, making it a comfortable fabric for baby to wear. 

Another benefit of 100% cotton baby clothes is that they will keep your baby cool.  Cotton is a breathable fabric allowing good air circulation, which effectively absorbs and removes body moisture.  Added benefits for mum in using 100% cotton baby items is that they are durable, and can be washed and dried easily, withstanding high temperatures for effective cleaning.