Unisex Nappy Cakes

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Thank you for visiting the Nappy Cake section of our Bumble Babee Bakery.  Here you will find Nappy Cakes in a variety of shapes, sizes, prices and colours, meaning that you should have no problem finding one that is perfect for you!  

Nappies are rolled to resemble a celebration cake and are then decorated with various high-quality baby items, such as blankets, hooded towels, bibs, muslin cloths, bodysuits etc.  Each Nappy Cake is created and baked with the same amount of love, care and attention to detail, meaning each gift is equally special and unique.  Our Nappy Cakes are finished by hand with colour co-ordinating satin ribbon.  

All Nappy Cakes by Bumble Babee include free gift wrapping in patterned cellophane with pull-bows/ribbon bows, and a cute ingredients tag, resulting in a truly stunning and professional-looking Nappy Cake gift that definitely has the 'WOW' factor for the recipient!  We are also able to offer a free florist-size gift card with a personalised hand-written message to be sent with your gift.  

So why not go ahead and purchase your perfect Baby Shower Gift and New Baby Gift today from Bumble Babee Nappy Cake & Handmade Baby Gift Shop!

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  • Ingredients:
    17  x Size 2 Pampers Nappies
    1 x Hooded Towel
    1 x Muslin cloth
    1 x Washcloth
    1 x 100ml Johnson's Baby Shampoo
    1 x 100g Johnson's Baby Talcum Powder
    1 x Rubber Duck Family

    This beautiful nappy cake is baked with love for the precious new arrival. This gift contains 17 size 2 Pampers nappies, a hooded towel, muslin cloth, wash cloth and 2 Johnson's baby toiletry products, all arranged to resemble a celebration cake that looks good enough to eat and decorated with a family of rubber ducks!  A practical gift that is sure to impress!  The Cake is wrapped in patterned cellophane, tied with a bow and finished with a contents card describing the Cake Ingredients.

    Please note: In creating this beautiful gift, small parts are used that are not suitable for young children. 
    Single Tier Unisex Bath-time Nappy Cake
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